Online Account Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever signed in to your Marquee Rewards Online account?
You must create an account before you log in. Please create an account by clicking on the “Register” button in the upper right hand corner on and complete the form.

Did you enter ONLY the first 11 digits on your Marquee Rewards card (The first one will be a letter and the second could be a letter)? 
When you register, make sure that you only enter the first 11 digits of your Marquee Rewards number.
Note: The first character is always a letter (ex: H or I)

Have you previously logged in with Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, or Google?
If you’ve logged in with this method before, you will need to continue logging in with the same method. You will not be able to use the registration link to set a password to log in.
The “forgot password?” link will not work for you if you have signed in with this method before.

If you clicked the “forgot password?” link, please note that...
The email address must be the one used to register the Marquee Rewards account.
Each email address can only be used with one Marquee Rewards account number, the email cannot be shared.
Forgot Password will not work if you previously signed in using Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Twitter.
Password resets are only valid for 24 hours, if you don’t see the email with the reset link, please check your spam/junk folder for email reply.

When you attempt to log in does it say you are locked out? 
Accounts will become locked out after several incorrect login attempts and will unlock automatically after 20 minutes without a login attempt.

Are you using Internet Explorer (“the blue E”) version 9?
Please update your browser to 10 or higher, Marquee Rewards Online will not work with Internet Explorer 9 or below.